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While we can’t stop the aging process from happening, we CAN change the way it looks! Dr. Paya Procedure is a highly effective and globally popular cosmetic procedure that CAN and WILL treat dynamic wrinkles.

You should start to see results from your cosmetic procedure within 24-72 hours. Final results can take up to 2 weeks.

There are two distinct types of wrinkles we develop over time:

  1. Static: These lines and wrinkles are formed gradually, even when the facial muscles are not moving. This is a result of the skin’s natural aging process, caused by a decrease in elasticity and thinning skin. Both of these make the skin more vulnerable to the wrinkling process.
  2. Dynamic: These lines and wrinkles form as a result of muscle movement over the years – every time we smile, frown, laugh, cry, or make any other kind of facial expression that moves the skin. The muscles contract as the skin is pushed, pulled, or folded – repetitive movements that gradually build undesired lines, wrinkles, and furrows.

Dr. Paya’s trusted BOTOX® treatment is the PERFECT solution for anyone who wants to remove:

  • Frown Lines/Glabellar lines (the area between the eyebrows)
  • Upper facial and forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet (Lateral Canthus – the outer corners of the eyes)

The BOTOX® process works by blocking the chemical signal which enables nerve impulses to be sent to the muscle. BOTOX® is, hands down, THE most EFFECTIVE treatment for softening the appearance of dynamic wrinkles!



We care about making your BOTOX® treatment process as comfortable and painless as possible – before, during, and after the procedure. Once the treatment is complete, we’ll show you what to do. We will happily provide BOTOX® aftercare instructions that you can take home.
It is perfectly normal to experience the following symptoms after your procedure:

  • Minor swelling
  • Minor bruising
  • Slight redness

If you experience any of these symptoms, do NOT panic. Most people do! Rest assured that BOTOX® is a perfectly safe procedure, approved by the FDA for people aged 18-65. Side effects should subside within a few days, after which you can return to your daily routine as normal.

Dr. Paya Treatment Results should last around 4-6 months; however, this varies from patient to patient. Most of our valued patients come back for ongoing treatment to enjoy LONG-LASTING results!

Upper Forehead Lines (caused by raising eyebrows over the years)

Crow’s Feet (caused by years of frowning)

Frown Lines (caused by years of eyelid movement extending to the temple and cheek)

Are YOU concerned about any of the above? BOTOX® could be the ideal solution for you. There’s only one way to find out!

If you’re concerned about one or more of these areas, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be the solution for you.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Side Effects

No medical procedure is without risk. When you receive BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, possible side effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Tiredness
  • Discomfort
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Droopy eye
  • Allergic reaction

Your injectionist will discuss other possible side effects with you. Before getting BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, make sure you inform your doctor of:

  • Any nerve or muscle conditions that you have
  • When your last botulinum toxin injection was
  • Any allergies
  • Current medications, and whether you are planning to take medication in the near future
  • Current pregnancy plans to get pregnant, or current breastfeeding
  • Past facial surgery
  • Other medical conditions
  • Past reaction to BOTOX® Cosmetic or other neurotoxins
  • Muscle weakness


Q. Is BOTOX® safe

A. Yes! BOTOX® is an FDA-approved procedure, and one of the most deeply researched prescription drugs worldwide!

Q. Will I experience any downtime after my BOTOX® injection?

A. No. Following your treatment, you can get straight back to your normal daily routine.

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Most of our patients feel little to no pain. The needle used for the BOTOX® injection is incredibly fine. You’ll feel a minor pinprick at most – nothing major. For your peace of mind, we will apply a topical numbing agent prior to your injection to minimize any discomfort.

Q. How long will the results from the procedure last?

A. You will continue to see results for around 4-6 months. Around the 3-month mark, you may start to notice the reappearance of your previous dynamic wrinkles. This is your signal to book your next appointment, and Dr. Paya will guide you in this regard. Keeping up with your scheduled injections is the smartest way to enjoy longer-lasting results, and less frequent appointments.

Q. Will BOTOX® make my face look unnatural?

A. No. The procedure’s purpose is to soften the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment will NOT drastically change the way you look. Many people have the clichéd misconception that they will look “frozen in time” or that it will be obvious that they have “had work done.” This is not the case. With Dr. Paya, you are always in safe hands!

Q. What happens if I don’t continue with my injections? Will my wrinkles look worse?

A. The results of your treatment may start to diminish over time. Your lines and wrinkles will look no different to how they did before the procedure. If they do start to look worse, this would be the result of the natural aging process. This is why it’s important to continue with your treatments!


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